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In my small way I have been supporting Hillary Clinton for American President. All of four articles on my blog show my personal vote. As can be seen the American Presidency is not at the top of my list of priorities. The lack of enthusiasm is probably due to the fact that the Americans showed such bad judgement during the last two elections. I love the American people, they are a great nation. I just have no time for their current Pres. He is guilty of crimes against humanity.

I do have one little good thing to say about Bush. It's rare I know. He sticks with his friends through thick and thin. The fact that his friends, such as Wolfowitz and Holsinger the new Surgeon General by the looks of things, are not the right type of friends to have, is not so good. Wolfowitz had to resign from the World Bank due to irregularities and Holsinger has been accused of incompetence and neglect that led to deaths of patients.

One therefore looks to the next American elections in the hope of finding a leader with the ability to speak well and a smidgen of general knowledge, have some ethics in terms of not going to war on a country under false pretenses and working with the rest of the world on global warming issues, amongst a whole bunch of other issues obviously. No President of a global power is only going to be faced with a few hugely important issues.

My personal vote, and would have been two elections ago, would have been for Al Gore. It was a pity that Clinton's little dalliances with Ms I kept my stained dress as an investment, hurt Gore as much as it did. I also think that Gore's heart wasn't actually in it. I never saw him sparkle during his campaign speeches or debates. He seemed 'heavy'. It was a huge surprise to see this amazing speaker then on the award winning documentary 'An Inconvenient Truth'.

At least Al Gore was against the war in Iraq before the war, and not as the current candidates for Democratic nomination who are suddenly all sprouting forth against it. They should have spoken up as Al Gore did at the time. Gore's recently published book 'The Assault on Reason' sounds like it will be worth getting. His argument is that the media has managed to stifle democratic processes and he is hopeful that the internet, especially within the blogosphere, will continue to support strong democratic debate.

It seems unlikely that Al Gore will change his mind and run for president. This is a great pity as I think he would have a good chance of finally making it. And the United States will be the better for it. According to the article in the Washington Post, it could be that he won't stand because he is clearly enjoying himself these days and that's probably why he won't run for president. Maybe if enough people actually encourage him, it might still happen.

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Al Gore for President

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This article was published on 2010/04/04
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