Is Sarah Palin Qualified to Be Vice President Or Not?

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Since she was picked by John McCain to be his vice presidential running mate the media has jumped all over her, relentlessly.

Most of their attacks were rude, personal, vitriolic slams out of bounds where common courtesy is concerned, but we really shouldn't be surprised by that.

Since the personal attacks on Sarah and her family by the media and the Obama camp failed - in fact had the opposite effect of mobilizing some very unlikely people and groups to come to her defense, they've put the attempts at character assignation on the back burner.

Today the persistent claim is that she is not really qualified to be President.

When they say that Governor Palin is not qualified to be President, the Obama campaign and the media must think the American people are stupid.

From the moment someone becomes President, long before actually, until they leave office - everything that they or the hundreds of aides, advisors, and subject matter experts that surround them do, becomes characterized by the expression the Roosevelt Administration, Carter Administration, Regan Administration, Bush Administration, or the Fill in the Blank Administration.

When we read about the Clinton Administration for example we know the reference is not to a specific decision made by Bill Clinton all by himself.

When the Clinton Administration approved the remodeling of a building or new plantings in the Rose Garden we knew that Bill was not there wearing a hard hat with a roll of blueprints under his arm.

Decisions made by the President are made in consultation with their advisors and carried out be the people who are best qualified to handle the task.

The signature of the President on a law or decision is actually the signature of the Executive branch of our government.

So, if is a McCain Administration or an Obama Administration, the decisions made will be based on those agreed upon by the members of the Executive branch - not those of the President himself by himself. And we should all be grateful for that.

Therefore if Sarah Palin or Joe Biden were thrust into the Presidency - the decisions they make would be made with the advice and counsel of the same assistants, advisors, experts, and Cabinet members who were already helping their immediate predecessor.

When the media and the Obama people say that Sarah Palin is not prepared to be President they characterize the situation differently and think we don't notice - maybe you don't.

They make it sound as if she would immediately have to step in and run the government by herself.

She would not have a Cabinet like the President did. She wouldn't have legions of assistants and advisors like the President had.

She would be on her own.

At night the White House switchboard operator would just transfer incoming calls to Sarah's room upstairs and assume she or one of the kids would pick up.

It does not surprise me that the Obama people and the media create and promote this picture. That's their job.

What surprises me is why Sean Hannity and others have not pointed this out.

It is not whether Sarah Palin can type and it's not about whether she knows where the President's documents are located, or even which fork to use at State dinners. She, like forty something Presidents before her, would have people for that.

It's whether or not Governor Palin has a clear idea about the future of our country and a commitment to help us move toward it, whether from the Vice President's office or the oval office.

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Is Sarah Palin Qualified to Be Vice President Or Not?

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This article was published on 2010/04/04
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