President Obama Ignited Our Spiritual Energy

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The inauguration of President Barack Obama was an amazing vibrational energy of COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS. Whether you are a Democrat, a Republican or an Independent, it doesn't matter because COLLECTIVELY we all sense the need to change. We all want a peaceful planet, an abundant lifestyle. But you must remember, no one has the power to change you. Only you can change your lifestyle and manifest what you want.

When the events fade away, will you go forward with your personal changes or go back to the collective consciousness of worry. If you give your negative energy to President Obama and want him to carry the weight of the world, he surely will collapse because he will be bombarded with all the negative energy of worry, fear, lack and uncertainty. And he too must learn not to reflect this energy back at his people.

Many feel that today was an historic day, especially the ones that still carry the burden of yesterday. If you live with the memory of our forefathers and their ways, then you are not living in the present moment and manifesting. You are still feeling the hurt of our ancestors ways.

For years now, Americans would not be able to conjure the role of being a slave owner, or even conceive how it happened, along with the others who wouldn't allow themselves to become the slave of anyone. And yet we will live with those memories everyday when people say, President Obama is the first black man to live in the White House.

Let us not forget that President Obama is the co-creator of his life. He grew in the body of a 'white' mother. He is neither black or white. His energetic AURA is who he is. That energy is his SPIRITUAL BEING, who had the power to ignited the SPIRIT within the American people.

Many will always consider him part of a group called, African Americans. We need to drop this term for it no longer serves us, or our future generations to have these segregated groups of Americans.

We as a collective consciousness have risen above this premise. This new generation of children doesn't, or never could dominate another person's energy. It's time to let that part of our history die a peaceful death. Reflect if you must, but reflect it on the fact that together, as Black or White, we don't have our ancestor's mentality or the need to dominate another human being. That's a huge CHANGE and way of letting go.

In the same way, we can never look back and dismiss the fact that President Bush came into power because of the collective consciousness of the masses who wanted him there. When he responded to the COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS of the masses, who lived in fear, anger, and hatred of the 911 events, and went to war on their behalf, many now choose to put him down, and blamed him for his decisions, and our current financial recession. But one man cannot dominate the power of the people, or the collapse of our financial institutions. This happens because the COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS of the people wanted these changes. When you criticize another, you are criticizing yourself.

We all want our government leaders to make our world a better place. But this will only happen when individuals change themselves for the better.

Love President Bush for serving the people the way they wanted to be served. If it was supposed to have been done differently it would have. Welcome the new President and help him move forward by changing yourself first. Reflect positive energy and he will surely pick it up and move us onward as a nation that thrives and finds peace in the world.

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President Obama Ignited Our Spiritual Energy

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This article was published on 2010/04/04
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