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Real effort to be on it, Putin is the world leader in the skill the best. Putin is a judo black belt-level players, is the world's first president was Dan Judo Senior-level people, at present, he is a black belt 6. Russian President Vladimir Putin who would dare to blows with him?

Real effort to be on it, Putin is the world leader in the skill the best. Putin is a black belt in judo class players, is the world's first president was Dan Judo Senior-level people, at present, he is Black Belt 6.

1965 One day in the 13-year-old Putin came to Leningrad (now St. Petersburg) to study a school when fighting, thin physique coach Rakhlin think this boy is not expected to learn martial arts, of course, He also can not imagine a future president. At first, Putin-style learning is Sangbo Wrestling And later switched to judo. His talent is gradually revealed, Putin is not relying on physical confrontation, but to outwit, so often a surprise action, identify the soft underbelly of a move opponents winning, and he also has the rare ability of anti-fatigue, regardless of winning or losing is hard in the end.

Less than 18 years, Putin has a judo black belt master; the university two years later, he became sports master Judo respect; in 1976, Putin became the champion of Leningrad. In accordance with the comments under Rakhlin coach, if Putin had become a professional player, Russia will be more than a super judo star, a star will be less President.

Not think that President-level training of all style and no substance enthusiast Putin, but a real effort. Changes his action more secretive and inscrutable, shot quick to the paint, usually a judo player can only control two or three hand technique, Putin can use almost all of the excellent judo skills, he also "footed", and most judo players only good at one side. Putin's favorite of the three movements are "body off", "carrying investment" and "over the top wrestling," his most famous sweep of lumbar motion. Rakhlin said Putin in his judo career winning record. Wrestling Ural Department of the National Sports Institute Associate Professor Valery? Jan Cheek was one of the few players able to overcome one of Putin, but now Ioncica denied record year.

2005 12 month, the European Judo Association hired Putin as honorary chairman. "The current level as the Russian president that has never served as head of state sports associations continental leaders, even leaders of honor." Vice chairman of the European Union Sergei soft? In an interview with "patria" interview said. To promote cultural judo, Putin has also co-coach with Rakhlin the "learn judo with Vladimir Putin," a book, and photographed himself, participated in the filming of teaching and learning with films.

"I love sports, especially judo. Judo can train a person's courage, while allowing practitioners to know how to respect opponents and stay humble." Putin's judo was not only rely on a strong physique, but also read a philosophy. He was known as the "political master black belt", the internal affairs of diplomatic firmness and flexibility, leveraging the power to enter the retreat, etc., are all distributed with the philosophy of judo mat light.
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President Of The Love Of Alternative Exercise

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This article was published on 2010/10/19